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"In every domain, the mastery of Relational Intelligence is the paramount catalyst for success."

            - Michelle Bohls



The Imago International Training Institute is committed to providing opportunities for leaders to develop their relationship leadership skills.

Leadership development is a transformational process that involves practice, feedback, and self-awareness. (Sindell and Hoang, 2001)

The characteristics of any effective leadership development program include

1) Empower the leader to develop skills and competencies,

2) Provide a set of tools that increase other people's motivation to strive towards their individual goals and/or the retention of a member to contribute their talents and efforts towards the goals of a group of people,

3) Provide a foundation for the development of a group's membership, and

4) Focus on how leaders lead, develop and work in collaborative partnership.

These Four Key Components of leadership development are what Imago Facilitator training embodies from the first day to the last day of the program in the leaders, the processes, skills, and person-centered feedback processes.

Imago's trainings are led by relational leaders who listen to each participant and create spaces for us to learn from e everyone's experiences. This creates a rich learning environment. Imago Facilitator Faculty members, Michelle Bohls and Garet Bedrosian focus on supporting your leadership, management and coaching confidence, and facilitation skills. Through reading, self-reflection, discussions, demonstrations, and experiential work during each module, participants will engage in a wide variety of techniques to integrate and deepen the best practices of psychology and communication which we call relational leadership.

Each module offers the opportunity to share your thoughts, learn from others, observe, practice and receive professional development feedback in the positive-oriented methodology of Imago. 

After attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Support¬†clients in setting clear agreements and action-oriented outcomes.
  • Learn effective, embodied facilitation strategies to¬†maintain your neutrality and presence¬†during tension or conflict.¬†
  • Make sense of¬†individuals, dyads, groups and organizations through Imago's four frameworks: 1) the body's evolutionary defenses, 2) the development of psychological needs, 3) one's¬†socialization of¬†belief systems, and 4) the energy patterns that we embody,¬†
  • Understand how early relationship patterns, including attachment, unmet needs, and the 'characters' we experience and embody then influence our¬†professional¬†relationships and specifically how these patterns influence our own facilitation and leadership styles.
  • Explore how marketing your professional gifts to clients connects¬†into the same repressive messages and negative inner voices that hold clients back.
  • Develop strategies to reach clients who would benefit from your facilitation.

Five Modules for Greater Emotional Intelligence in your Leadership 

Become an Agent of Change For the World

Relational Coaching Inspires Action
Valuing Difference Enhances Outcomes
Effective Teams Promote Growth

Feel Empowered in Your Communication


Being able to tune into other's perspectives without losing your own, allows you to build rich relationships. Relationships are the foundation for any task. 

Develop your skills to coach and motivate individuals, small businesses, organizations, work teams, and interpersonal groups using Relational Leadership skills, Imago Communication tools, and proven psychological theories.

Learn the skills and build your confidence

This program is a great place to start, even if you don't feel ready to work as a coach or consultant professionally, yet.


How the Horses Give Us Feedback

The Imago Professional Facilitator training incorporates a unique Equus Coaching component that allows participants to experience the energies they bring to each relationship while getting immediate feedback. They can develop a visceral understanding of the ‚Äúrelational space‚ÄĚ they‚Äôre creating. As a result, they become¬†aware¬†of their internal¬†processes and their¬†affect on others.

The energetics in the ‚Äúrelational space‚ÄĚ between each¬†person in a group or organization¬†will determine how well¬†a team functions. Healthy relationships are the key to building trust among colleagues or employees¬†to foster a productive work environment. Otherwise, no amount of team building activities or management training can create lasting results.

Building relationships is more than an intellectual exercise. When leaders attend typical corporate trainings, they’re inundated with theories but are left without understanding the psychological dynamics that determine how employees relate to each other.


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Imago Facilitation Skills

The first in person module offers you the core communication tools to work with individuals, dyads (two people), and groups.

Ethical guidelines and structured processes help to establish practices that keep clients and facilitators safe in the context of a professional relationship. There are several important areas to review with clients upfront such as the difference between coaching or professional facilitation and therapy. Clear agreements and contracts create an ethical, confidential, and safe environment. 

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Conflict is Demotivating

Learn why people polarize their perspectives and help them navigate these differences for better morale and better professional outcomes. By leveraging different points of view while remaining grounded in shared values, embracing differences can improve creativity and promote open communication. 

As facilitators we understand the complexity of relationships and embrace conflict as growth trying to happen. We use structure and communication tools to promote and maintain safety. 


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Groups and Teams

Most of us accomplish our career goals in teams or groups. Learn how to facilitate these interactions to improve safety without sacrificing diversity in perspectives. 

Few of understand the deeper relational dynamics between people participating in group and teams (task oriented groups). Empower yourself and your clients when you understand the psychological dynamics of groups and their stages of development.


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Organizations Need Love Too!

Organizations move through continuous and dynamic changes, often without a deeper understanding of what individuals, dyads, and groups need to transition effectively through change and maintain their motivation. 

Learn how a founder's needs and values, the organization's structure and its policies affect the people that make up an organization. Explore your personal history with organizations to better understand ways to facilitate change and transition in small businesses and all types of organizations.



Integrating Your Facilitation Skills

After each module participants will bring a recording of their practicing their new facilitation skills. Confidence comes with positive feedback and a growth mindset.

In our last in person module we will integrate what you have learned in working with a wide variety of populations. As you prepare for your Certification as an Imago Professional Facilitator, you will design a project in a domain of experience for you that demonstrates your exciting new skills!

Join a worldwide network of Imago therapists and Imago Facilitators who with journey with you to Become an Agent of Change in the World.

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Michelle, a therapist, group leader, and international presenter. I train coaches and managers to use their emotional intelligence to  facilitate in professional settings so they can support other's success with presence and purpose.


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Garet Bedrosian and I look forward to meeting you and supporting your development. 

The investment for the Imago Professional Facilitator Certification Program is $5,989 or $500 a month for 12 months. This fee includes 17 days of training and consultation sessions, one full Equus Coaching day with the horses, an in person practicum in Costa Rica with a surf lesson, The Keeping the Love You Find workshop, and your final certification project review. Airfare, meals, and lodging not included.  


The Certification Imago Professional Facilitator Program


Step One: Learn the core Imago Communication and Facilitation skills

Step Two: Attend and assist at an Imago Workshop for Couples or Individuals.

Step Three: Incubate the application of your new skills with the design of a project with a small group of colleagues 

Step Four: Get specialized training in different arenas to enhance your project ideas (individuals, groups, organizations, dyads, families, etc..)  

Step Five: Share your facilitation of different types of sessions and receive strength-based feedback to enhance and deepen your learning 

Step Six: Implement your idea and new skills in a meeting you facilitate with a particular population or in a specific setting.

Step Seve: Share your final project for Certification! 

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* Tuition is regardless of attendance or a payment plan option, but you can attend a future training with Garet or Michelle if you have an emergency. We reserve the right to cancel the workshop if it is not meeting the participant minimum requirements OR because of unforeseen restrictions. If either of these occur, we will see that deposit and tuition is refunded in full. We are not responsible for travel or lodging costs. * Cancel less than 20 days before workshop begins 100% of the deposit is non-refundable. * An administration fee of $50 is non-refundable, cancel by September 1st for a refund.


Dates for 2024-2025

Core Facilitation Skills and Working with Individuals at FeatherHeart Ranch in Ramona, CA (50 minutes from San Diego Airport) with a day of Leadership Development and Equus Coaching Dinner on October 23 - October 28, 2024 closing at 3 pm 

Online December 5-8th, 2024 Working with Dyads

Online January 30 - February 2nd, 2025 Working with Groups and Families

Online March 13 - 16th, 2025 Working with Teams and Organizations

Playa Grande, Guancaste, Costa Rica (1 hour from Liberia LIR airport) Dinner April 23th 4:30 pm - April 28th, 2025 Facilitator In Person Intensive

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